ADSB timestamped URL's

One thing that has bugged me since the site began is that the adsbexchange URLs were just using the ICAO, no time aspect.
This means that when you click on any link on the site you get where the aircraft is right NOW. Not where it was when the message came in.
Not very helpful unless you are looking at the site right when an ACARS message came in.
For things like the mission code search page, those ACARS can go back a month!
If you click on any msg in that table from a month ago, you find where the aircraft is now, not where it was when it got the code… yeah, like I said, its been bugging me big time.

Turns out, you can attach a timestamp.
The guys came in clutch with the ‘one weird trick’.
Here is the magic URL:

The key is the EPOCH time in seconds. Also the showTrace for the date and the two do their magic.
Do note that the timestamp will work on any site that runs the globe code, so, etc.

The other fun thing is that you can click anywhere on the trace and see the ADSB data for that location… Pretty cool.


That’s a cool one. Nice work husky.