Aircraft Database error/bug

Time to fall on my sword a bit here.
A Twitter DM pointed out that I had old information for AE048D Constant Phoenix.
At first I dismissed it as mictronics having bad info, but it seemed a bit too odd to me that they would have such an obvious error about that particular aircraft, so I dug into my DB update ‘code’…

Turned out to be a noob mistake. A year or more back when I tweaked that code I made a huge mistake with the sqlite insert code… I had “INSERT OR IGNORE INTO”.
This means if the ICAO (The primary key) of the insert already exists, then just ignore it and move on to the next one… well, what happens if mictronics updated any aircraft details? I simply ignored it. That’s bad. Very bad.

The statement is now broken down into two parts, first the usual INSERT and then the values, after the values, the new part: “ON CONFICT(icao) DO UPDATE SET rego, type, description”
Much better.

Who knows how many beyond Constant Phoenix have been updated that I have had stale data for.
I sorta don’t want think about. Its in the review-mirror we are only looking forward.

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