Airframes AIS-Catcher HTTP Ingest is LIVE!

The first of several AIS ingests are up. It’s for users of the AIS-Catcher app, specifically using the HTTP output functionality. This HTTP feature allows for you to set an interval (perhaps every 15 seconds) to hit the ingest with all of the currently known AIS messages from your location.

Ingest Details


Config To Append


Be sure to change YOUR_STATION_ID to something you would like to uniquely identify your station (and will show up at Airframes). Our suggestion is something like XX-YYYY-AIS, where XX is your initials, YYYY is the nearest airport or seaport, and AIS means AIS of course. If you have more than one AIS station at that location, then you could always do AIS1, AIS2, etc. This naming scheme is totally up to you, but we just provide the suggestion.


  • Feeder Role
    If you’d like to get the feeder role on the Airframes Discord, you will get access to some alpha/beta UIs and other things that feeders get access to. This is optional, but useful if you’d like to visualize some of this and confirm your feeder is working until we’ve released the new UIs to the general public. To get the feeder role, join the Discord and then post in the #user-support channel with the name of your AIS station.

  • Support
    For discussion about AIS in general, come to #marine-ais on the Discord.
    For support of the AIS-Catcher application, come to #ais-catcher on the Discord.

Thank you to everyone who has already started feeding. It has been fantastic so far!