Annoucing the Airframes Shop!

Alright, so initially the Airframes Shop has a bunch of swag. So if you’re into that sort of thing, buying shirts, hoodies, hats, etc allows you to sport the brand in style, while helping us cover server costs. We are looking for feedback and simultaneously grateful for your support.

In addition, we are looking to start stocking inventory for building stations and other radio-related gear in a way that saves you money and brings in a few bucks for the project. I can tell you that right now we’re in talks with about 15 companies to make this happen. Some will give us the discounts, and some will refuse (I’m looking at you Airspy).

Please consider a purchase from the Airframes Shop if you like the project and want the nibbles to come back and support us so that we can continue to be:

  • unfiltered
  • crowdsource by the community
  • uniquely focused on telematics from avionics
  • focused on community feature needs

Thank you for being a part of this experience and effort!


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The low-cost entry-level Boris the Spider ADS-B antenna kit is now in stock and shipping in the Airframes Shop!