HF Voice Frequencies

There is a list of HF Voice frequencies slowly coming together on the ‘CPDLC & SELCAL’ page of the site.
In short…

I look in every single L and C-Band ACARS message for either FACILITY DESIGNATION or FACILITY NAME and then pull the primary frequency and if its listed, the secondary.
The plan was simple, but it became very complicated as the same frequency is used used in different zones and the names/designations are not consistent (or helpful).

Consider it a work in progress.

Little update to the HF Voice page…

Since I run an aircraft db, I can see which aircraft are getting the ATC HF frequencies sent to them.
It was not a big change to split any military aircraft off into their own table.
It will simply keep the past 8 aircraft. Pay attention to the UTC time as they don’t come in very often.

Do we have a clear sense of how to capture these HF voice calls?