How not to parse and aggregate ADSB Frames

We are on a never ending quest (at least it seems that way) to replace VRS with our own fancy Web UI. You can check it out over at The Plane.Watch Beta site.

Along the way we have had some fun debugging challenges (why the heck is that aircraft jumping backwards, how did this light aircraft get to 90,000ft and back down to 1500 in a few seconds, AAAHHH SCALE)

We have some war stories to tell if anyone feels like reading :smiley:


As someone who has been there to witness this during the timeline, I know that the story is actually really interesting. Can you elaborate on some of those challenges?

And I also think it would be really interesting to also share about some of your efforts with TUI and CLI for the nerdier hobbyists of the group.

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Well then - the first thing to know is that this whole endeavour is probably the best nerd snipe of all time.

It started with Shorty asking “Hey, can you help me decode CPR” :smiley:

And because I do not know the C programming language very well - I decided to my decoder in Golang! If you ever want to see how some frames are decoded, I have a website for that Mode S Frame Decoder.

To say this stuff is heavily influenced by dump1090 is an understatement (plenty of copy/paste/make it golang)

Along the way we have managed to collect a few other people who are interested in the pipeline (I’ll let them introduce themselves).

We have a pretty cool pipeline that turns 1090hz wiggly signals into moving sprites. We start with the docker container that people run to feed into Plane.Watch, Then some fancy border control to make sure things are orderly.

The we have the beastly challenge of ingesting the AVR packets, combining them and turning them into planes, making sure the incoming data makes sense, enriching it, and then shipping them out to the website.

We make heavy use of Nats to ship data between individual components and use a websocket transport to get the plane data to the website.

All because VRS does not scale well.

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There were many words in that post… I got the last bit… No, VRS does not scale well at all.

So here is my question. I have an ADSB setup in Cairns that I’d be happy (if it does not involve Docker) to feed to your map - I notice your map is a bit sparse up north…
How do I set that up?