Lothar of the Hill People new Cabling TL:DR Cheatsheet

Lothar of the Hill Peoples expanded and revised cabling guide for SDR freaks, propeller heads, balloon trackers and L band ACARS fans

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REVISION 1 3/22/2024

Lothar, What is this? -What cable to use is a common question that is asked so often I decided to come up with a semi-stock answer.
Lothar Cable Guide all freq Apr 2024.pdf (453.5 KB)

This table shows the typical cable lengths you should never exceed for RX / RO only use at various frequencies, generally at the -3dB loss point, but shorter cables are better of course. Think of it as a max length assuming you have and SDR with an amplified RF front end that is before any SAW filter for a narrow signal like 1090 MHz. Take 2/3rds of the footages shown for 2 dB loss for example at any frequency. As we used to say in my commercial days What’s 2 dB among friends?