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Sonde 400Mhz weather balloon (radiosonde) data. Launched twice a day from a lot of airports globably. HFDL HFDL. High Frequency. Long range. 3Mhz to 31Mhz SATCOM: ACARS over Iridium AOI. ACARS over Iridium. Low earth orbit. 1.6Ghz. No position data or voice calls. VDL VDL. VHF Data Link 136.6 Mhz to 136.9 Mhz AIS AIS is like ADSB for boats. 161Mhz SATCOM: ACARS over Inmarsat Satcom ACARS. L-Band 1.5Ghz. Ground to aircraft traffic (data and voice). STD-C STDC provides a range of messages to ships. These channel contain ‘official’ messages rather than personal email or text messages. ACARS ACARS. Plain old ACARS. 129 Mhz to 131 Mhz (Note, the full range is outside the 2Mhz that the RTLSDR can cover. You may need two dongles to cover all ACARS channels).
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